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6 Ways To Treat Yourself After The Crazy, Hectic Week You Just Had

You deserve it!
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Early call times, long nights, and countless OTs can really beat you down, so when the weekend rolls around, you'll just want to stay in bed. But there are better ways to rest and feel refreshed after a hellish week. Read on for our ideas:

1. Go on a spa day.

ICYDK, going to the spa is a classic way to treat yourself. Getting a massage can drastically decrease stress hormone levels while boosting the happy hormones. But why stop there? Get a scrub and mani-pedi too.

2. Travel.

A study has shown that taking a vacation, even just for a weekend, can help you feel re-energized and rejuvenated. It can even help lower your risk of stress-related health problems like coronary heart disease, depression, and anxiety.

3. Buy that item you’ve been eyeing.

Retail therapy gets a bad rap for being an indulgent remedy to a bad mood, but it’s totally acceptable in moderation. Post-hell week is definitely one of those times you should succumb to your consumer itch. The purchase is worth it.

4. Spend a night out with friends.

Socializing with your closest friends can help release oxytocin, aka the love hormone, and reduce stress. This is why you’re almost always in a good mood when they’re around. Round up the girls so you can catch up, drink, laugh, and dance all night.

5. Stay in and catch up on your must-watch or reading list.

Spend a quiet weekend at home with your favorite movies or books. Even if it doesn't look productive, curling up in bed and watching your favorite show stimulates the mind and uplifts the mood, which are needed to conquer the week ahead.

6. Have a self-pamper sesh.

Doing beauty treatments at home lets you pamper yourself while doing your favorite pastimes. After a relaxing hot shower, spice up your haircare routine with the Cream Silk Ultra Treatment Creme or the Cream Silk Ultra Treatment Wrap. These once-a-week hair boosters have a triple keratin complex that can help tame frizz, restore hair nutrients, and keep tresses strong and shiny. Leave the wrap on for 20 minutes and watch a K-drama episode while you wait, or apply the creme after you've washed your hair, have three minutes pass by dancing to your favorite song in the shower, then rinse the creme from your hair.

FYI, you're not the only one who needs to take a break! Watch how Kally Araneta, Kat Valdez, and Jeanine Tsoi pamper themselves and try the Cream Silk hair masks:

Cream Silk’s Ultra Treatment Wrap and Ultra Treatment Creme are available in two variants: Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Repair & Shine. Find out more about Cream Silk products by visiting the Cream Silk website and following the Facebook page.

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