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WATCH: How To Get Straight Hair With A Curling Iron

Calling all curly-haired girls!

If you've got thick, wavy curls like mine, you're blessed with volume that girls with thin hair need blowouts for. But when you want sleeker locks for special occasions, ditch that straightening iron and turn to your curling iron instead! Yup—you read that right. You need to use a large-barrel iron (Tip: Buy one that's at least one inch wide) so you won't end up with '80s ringlets, and you can also wear a sock on one hand to protect your skin from the heat. If you do it right, you'll have frizz-free waves that curl towards the ends—not lifeless slick-straight hair that'll be ruined by the slighest breeze. #hairflip

Watch the video for the tutorial!

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