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Why You Should Start Using Two Shampoos In The Shower

It's quite practical.

Have you ever touched your hair and realized that it’s a little weird? Like, the roots get hella greasy, yet the ends remain dry and lifeless? Why is the world unfair? Why can’t your natural hair oils just make their way down to the ends so you could lead a happy and content life?  

Allure reports that this problem is common for women, especially those who have longer and more textured hair. The solution? Use two different shampoos at once. 

If you’ve been up to date on all things beauty, you’ve probably heard of the skincare trend called “multimasking,” which is basically using different types of face masks on different areas of your face to cater to the skin’s needs. The same logic is applied here: Use two shampoos for your tresses—a cleansing one for your roots and a moisturizing one for your ends.

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You can try it by applying cleansing or clarifying shampoo on your roots and then washing it off. Follow it up with your regular shampoo for the rest of your hair.

Remember, however, to limit the use of clarifying shampoos to only once a week. These types of shampoos are very potent—stripping off your roots of oils and product build up. Using them regularly will do more harm than good on your mane.

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If you have fine, damaged, or chemically-treated hair, stick to sulfate-free shampoos instead, which should save your hair from even more damage.

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