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How To Recreate Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman' Warrior Braid

Warning: It's gonna test your braid skills and arm muscles! Are you ready?

We'll just say it: The underrated hero of Wonder Woman was Gal Gadot's warrior braid in the first half of the movie. Look at it! If I wore that every day I'd feel like I could kick ass all the time too.

Lucky for us mere mortals, YouTuber Kayley Melissa demonstrated how it's done via an in-depth hair tutorial—where she revealed that the style includes braiding techniques such as the infinity braid, dutch braid, and the French fishtail braid—to help us unleash our inner Amazon princess!

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P.S. If your arm gets tired in the middle of doing all those braids, just clip it so you can rest for a little bit! ;)

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