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The Cutest Ways To Style Long Hair, As Seen On Ylona Garcia

BRB, copying these looks ASAP!
PHOTO: Instagram/ylonagarcia

The best thing about having long hair is that you can create a gazillion looks, and you can get inspo from Ylona Garcia. She adorns her tresses with the coolest accessories and she's not shy to try different hairdos. She's got her hairstyle game down to a T! See our favorite Ylona looks and how to cop each below:

  1. Snap clips

    Adorn waist-grazing locks with a couple of colorful snap clips. Pretty easy, right?

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  2. Low ponytail + bucket hat

    Here, Ylona made her low-ponytail more interesting by donning a bucket hat. ICYDK, this accessory is super big in 2020. 

  3. Bandana headwrap

    She used a bandana as a headwrap to keep her hair away from her face. We're bookmarking this as our go-to hairstyle for summer.

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  4. Messy bun

    Take a cue from Ylona and make your messy bun look extra sexy: Part your hair in the middle and let a few strands frame your face.

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  5. Pigtail braids

    Ylona was way ahead of the pigtails trend. She matched her prairie braids with an equally adorable polka dot dress. This tutorial will show you how you can do this exact hairstyle by yourself.

  6. Baby Dutch braids

    We told you—you can play with different looks when you’ve got long hair. Ylona kept her tresses away from her face by Dutch braiding two tiny sections on top of her head.

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  7. Snap clips + half-ponytail

    Clearly, our girl is a fan of the '90s hair accessory. Here, she is seen wearing snap clips with a half-ponytail. She let a few tendrils out for a cool-girl vibe.

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  8. Space buns

    Be a total cutie by styling long hair up in space buns. To cop Ylona's look, divide your hair into two sections. Grab a piece of hair and tie it in a loop to create a bun, secure with hairpins, and repeat on the other side.

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