You Can Totally Get Cara Delevingne's Eyebrows Now

~The Cara~

In a perfect world, we’d all have TDF eyebrows. However, not everyone is gifted with arches like Cara Delevingne's or Janine Gutierrez's, so we’re more than willing to shell out some of our hard-earned money on brow pencils, powders, and even growth serums just so we could be a little closer to the kilay of our dreams.

In New York and Southampton however, having an extra $7,500—almost P340,000, NBD really—lying around will give you the “Cara Package.”

The service will give you full and bushy eyebrows just like Cara’s, hence the name. Patients who wish to avail of the service will first be instructed to consult with a professional makeup artist to determine the perfect shape that will suit their face. A doctor will then use a procedure called “NeoGraft,” a hair follicle transplant system to fill in the brows. 

Soooo given the hefty sum we’d have to shell out to get our ~dream brows~, we’ll probably just stick to filling them in every day, tyvm.

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