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Your Greasy Scalp Actually Has Nothing To Do With Conditioner

WOAH, game changer.

If your scalp gets greasy so often that you have to wash your hair all the time, you might think that using conditioner on your roots will make it even worse. But new info says this is actually a myth! What?! 

The peeps at Herbal Essences and Head & Shoulders have set out to debunk that myth once and for all. Apparently, applying conditioner to your roots will not make your hair greasier. "The roots feel greasier due to sebum production after washing and/or ineffective cleansing at the roots and scalp," explains P&G Principal Scientist Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson. 

Basically, if you are predisposed to greasy roots, conditioner really isn't going to change that one way or another. The key is to make sure you seriously scrub your scalp. Most people just throw some shampoo on, rub it around, and rinse it out, but you need to take a full minute just rubbing the suds onto your entire scalp. You know when you're at a hair salon and the scalp massage and hair wash feels so amazing, and your hair feels so clean? That's not magic. It's just effective washing. 

So next time you're in the shower, imagine you're actually in a salon chair and scrub, scrub, scrub. There's a good chance that your usually greasy scalp will produce less sebum and you'll stay oil-free for longer.

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