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Here Are Some Christmas Beauty Gift Ideas For The Matipid Girl

They won't leave a huge dent in your savings, too.
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Every matipid girl knows the struggle of gift giving during the holiday season: What to give your closest friends without breaking the bank? If you haven't found the perfect gifts, we have some suggestions you might want to check out. Watch this:

Here are more details about our roundup:


You can never go wrong with the basics. Whether it's a plain white tee, leather jacket, or satchel, your BFF will appreciate it. Make it a point to know her size and request for a gift receipt so she can have the item exchanged.


Good-quality makeup need not be expensive. Your trusted drugstore brands or local brands are just as good as their foreign counterparts. Play it safe with a neutral eyeshadow palette, a universally flattering lipstick shade, or waterproof mascara.


Make sure your girls' locks are ready for the holidays and beyond! Gift them with haircare essentials like shampoos and conditioners from Rejoice, Pantene, and Head and Shoulders for healthy, good-looking hair.


There's no doubt that your friends will be puyat this time of the year, so you can give them the gift of fresh and supple skin. Skincare items like lotion, face masks, or an Olay serum should do the trick.


Think about the things you need to bring with you wherever you go, like a hairbrush or super thin but absorbent sanitary napkins (like Whisper Skin Love!). You can also give your girls nail grooming kits if they usually do their own nails at home.

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