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Try This Clever Hack To Hide Your *Growing* Gel Manicure


If like me, you were one of the people who happened to get a gel manicure before the COVID-19 became a pandemic, then you might just be regretting that decision.

With no acetone around for safe home removal and nothing for company but my own swirling thoughts of panic, I ended up picking off all my gel nails and never has the phrase "do as I say, not as I do" been more appropriate.

Thankfully, as spotted by Allure, one influencer has come up with a frankly genius hack that will hide your outgrown cuticles, without causing any damage.

You don't need an at-home gel removal kit, acetone, or those weird nail clamps to do it either. All you need is a glitter polish, which I'm sure we all have hidden in the back of our cupboards.

Olivia Smalley shared her trick on IGTV which involves applying a coat of glitter polish to the base of your outgrown manicure. Think of it like a ~reverse~ glitter ombre.


Not only does it look beaut, but it also hides that annoying regrowth until you can get back in the salon to have it professionally removed!


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