7 Simple Tricks You Can Try To Look More Photogenic

Ganda lang!
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Being comfortable in front of a camera isn't an easy task. It feels awkward—like you're being watched by A LOT of people. The worst part is that this awkwardness shows in your photos, so you immediately appear stiff and uneasy. To avoid this, we rounded up simple tips to help you look more photogenic. Keep these in mind so you can learn how to pose better and act more confident when taking pictures. With enough practice, you'll be posting the best "ganda lang" pics every time!

  1. How to be photogenic: Know your good side.

    Take a few selfies and observe if you look better showing your left or right side. You can also check your childhood and teenage pictures and see which angle works best for you. From there, you can tell which side you should face whenever you pose.

    (Pro tip: Think of what side you usually use to chew your food. The side that you use less is always slimmer—this is probably your best angle.)

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  2. How to be photogenic: Define your best facial features.

    We love barefaced selfies, but wearing a bit of makeup creates a big impact on your photos. For example, if you think your chinita eyes are your best asset, flaunt them! Fill in your kilay, curl your lashes, and draw a winged liner. Doing all these will lift your peepers and make them look more defined in the picture.

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  3. How to be photogenic: Add a bit of color to your face.

    There are times when a makeup-free face looks flat and pagod. Create a healthy-looking, "fresh lang" complexion by dabbing a bit of blush on your face. It makes a huge difference. If you're in a rush, grab a lip and cheek tint for that "I just worked out" flush!

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  4. How to be photogenic: Practice your signature pose.

    Okay, making the peace sign is cute, but try changing it up a bit! Why not practice other ways you can pose with your hands in front of the mirror? When you've found The One, stick to it! For starters, you may go for this foolproof pose—place one hand on your cheek like this:

    For OOTD pics, you may opt to place one hand in your pocket or on your waist. Position one leg in front of the other to look taller. Ask your Instagram BFF to take the photo from a lower angle to lengthen your silhouette.

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  5. How to be photogenic: Choose an area with good lighting.

    Natural lighting is the best because it provides your skin an instant glow. You'll look super fresh! On the other hand, a dark location can cast shadows on your face, which can emphasize sunken under-eye areas or dark circles. These can make you appear tired and haggard. If you've got no choice, use your phone camera's flash—the disposable camera effect is uso rn! 

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  6. How to be photogenic: Learn how to smile like a pro.

    Take note of these smiling tricks when in front of the camera so you'll be more photogenic:

    - When smiling without teeth: Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and smile with your eyes. Think happy thoughts!

    - When smiling with teeth: Take a deep breath and close your eyes before you break into a smile. Position your tongue behind your teeth for a natural "I'm really happy" look. 

    - Smizing can make you appear sophisticated. Relax your lips and let your peepers do the work for you. Think of sexy thoughts so you'll display a seductive gaze. If you're uncomfortable, practice it in front of a mirror and through selfies until you've mastered it.

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  7. How to be photogenic: Slightly tilt your head.

    This super simple trick can prevent your face from looking flat in photos. Slightly lowering your chin to one side can define your facial bone structure and get rid of unflattering shadows with minimal effort.

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