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Presenting: Everything You Need To ~*Glow Up*~ In 2022

At your own pace, ofc!
How to have a glow up
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Before everything else, I'd like to remind you that it's not required to have a glow-up for the New Year. It feels like a tradition that should be followed, but it is really up to you! I mean, if you think you're super cute already, then why change anything, right?

But, if you think it's important to welcome 2022 with a fresh, new look, then be my guest and check out the ways you can have a glow up without necessarily leaving the house.

How To Have A Glow Up Without Leaving The House

Category: I Want Instant Results

Change your hair color

Sawa ka na ba with your hair? You can just switch to a lighter shade for an instant makeover. This Son Ye Jin-approved hair dye kit has cica to soothe the scalp, so you can be sure its formula is super gentle.

Jennyhouse Premium Hair Color in Coral Brown

Jennyhouse Premium Hair Color, P595, Areum MNL


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Practice applying highlighter

Have a literal glow-up by just learning how to properly apply a highlighter. Don't worry—it's super easy. Just sweep powder highlighter on the top of cheekbones and the lids. Your skin will look dewy in no time!

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish - Highlighter

MAC x Lisa Extra Dimension Skinfinish , P2,600, Lazada


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Exfoliate your body

Do away with the usual body scrubs and try a peeling gel that gently lifts layers of dead skin. You'll love this product because it has tea tree extract and aloe vera to treat bacne (or butt-ne) and soothe the skin.

Baby Bright Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Body Peeling Gel
Baby Bright

Baby Bright Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Body Peeling Gel, P179, BeautyMNL


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Get a home service massage

NGL, 2020 and 2021 were intense years so you deserve to be pampered! Massage MNL offers home service beauty treatments like body massage and Thermage. Their staff is fully vaccinated—you can even throw a spa party!

Book Massage MNL via Instagram


Category: I Want A Glow-From-Within

A doable fitness routine

It can be challenging to start your fitness journey when no one is there to guide you. Thankfully, Rebel Coach exists! Trainers design personalized workouts that cater to any fitness level.

Rebel App, Free on the App Store and Google Play


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Category: I Deserve Luxury

A derma-approved skincare regimen

Isn't assuring to use a skincare set that's formulated by a dermatologist? This kit from Aivee Clinic—yes, made by derma to the stars, Dr. Aivee Teo—features products that can brighten and switch on your skin's youthful glow with the use of gentle ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

Aivee Skin Mom Glow Kit, P10,350, Aivee Clinic Boutique


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A cool device that can mimic luxurious facials

We're back at a time when we need to stay at home and prioritize essential needs when we go out. Thankfully, a facial device exists that helps make your skincare products work better, prevent breakouts, even out your skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This do-it-all device that can mimic in-clinic facials is from Scion Skin.

Scion Plasma Renew

Scion Plasma Renew, P10.950, Scion Skin


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A daily habit of mindfulness

Glowing up isn't about having nice hair, healthy skin, or a toned body. It should cover ~fixing~ your headspace, too. Practicing mindfulness means living in the present and being conscious of your thoughts. This habit prevents mind clutter, overthinking, and constant worrying. When your mind is thinking clearly, you'll be more productive, happier, and peaceful. Meditation could be a good habit to start with because it teaches you to focus on breathing, which is a very present-day element. 

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