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Behold: The Best Tips On How To *Never* Look Awkward In Photos

The basics of looking good in photos, right this way.
How to pose for photos
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Posing for the camera can be hard work, especially when you're not used to doing it every day. You may feel self-conscious and sometimes clueless about what pose you should do. To make things easier, we created a simple guide that you can follow whenever you're in the mood to take pics of yourself. Whether you aim to post outfit pics or thirst trap photos, these tips will help you ace that shot!

How To Pose For Photos

  1. Find your good side.

    First things first: Find which side looks more photogenic on the camera. The side where your features look more lifted is most probably your "good side."

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  2. Practice your smile.

    There's no shortcut to always looking cute when you smile. You must practice it in the mirror or take lots of selfies often to help train your facial muscles. (Here's our detailed guide on how to smile like a pro.)

  3. Go for a shy girl pose.

    If you want to be low-key or you're not in the mood to show your face, cover it with a cup of coffee, food, book, or flowers. You can also look down so you won't be self-conscious,

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  4. Shift your weight on one side.

    Avoid looking like a stiff stick by putting one leg forward or lifting one leg. This way, you'll look relaxed. If you're sitting down, bend forward or backward to prevent ~tummy folds~ from showing. (Only if you're conscious of them! Otherwise, just sit comfortably, and rest one hand on your lap, and the other below your chin.)

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  5. Figure out where you'll place your hands and arms.

    Put your hands in your pockets, cross your arms, or place one hand on one hip. If you want your hands close to your face, place one on your chin or play with your hair.

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  6. If all else fails. try the "walking" pose.

    This will show motion, which makes the pose look natural and candid.

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  7. Work with your clothes.

    Wearing a jacket? Act as if you're putting it on. Hold your dress or skirt for a softer, fluid silhouette.

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  8. Remember that's it's all in the mind.

    There's a reason photographers always tell their subjects to think happy thoughts. Thoughts create emotions, and our facial expressions and body language show how we feel. Create a picture in your mind that will help you achieve the vibe you want. 

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