How To Pose On Stairs, According To Rhian Ramos

It's all about working your angle.
PHOTO: Instagram/whianramos

Stairs are one of the prettiest places to have an Instagram photo taken. And if anyone knows a thing or two about working her angles while sitting or standing on a few steps, it's Rhian Ramos. Keep scrolling to learn a few tricks from her!

Lean back, softly cross your legs, look down, and close your eyes. Easy! 

Work those plain stairs and let your OOTD stand out.

You can always try the classic pose of letting your arms rest on your knees.

When in doubt, just *slowly* run up the stairs!

For a picture-perfect beach photo, angle your body towards the camera but make sure you're looking away!

But if it's a workout photo, show off your athleisure look by "casually" resting your arm on one leg and putting the other behind your hair.

Look demure by putting your legs together and slightly leaning forward!

If you just want to stand, play with your camera's angles to create a one-of-a-kind shot.

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