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10 Simple Tips To Looking Good In Selfies

Pose like a pro.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/blythe, (RIGHT) Instagram/ylonagarcia

Don't you just love taking selfies? It's a crime not to capture moments when you feel cute! And although you do it almost every day, you sometimes still find it hard to get *that* one perfect shot. (Admit it, you've got lots of options in your camera roll.) So, we're here to make your life easier. Below, the simple things you can do to level up your selfie game.

  1. Find your best angle.

    Posing on your good side is one of the easiest tricks in the book. You can determine this by looking at your old photos—which one's more flattering, your left or right side? You can also try placing the phone at an angle a bit higher than your face for a slimming effect.

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  2. Have a signature pose.

    When you already have a go-to pose, say placing one hand on your chin, taking selfies would be super easy!

  3. Look for the best lighting.

    Always pose facing the light. Bright lighting will make dark circles less obvious, aka you'll look fresher. We personally like taking selfies during the "golden hour"—whether we're indoors by the window or outdoors!

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  4. Utilize your phone's self-timer.

    Go hands-free so you can work it. Get your phone camera on selfie mode, set the timer, and pose all you want!

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  5. Put on a little makeup.

    A little bit of lip and cheek tint or a swipe of bold lipstick can make a big difference. But, we won't stop you from posting barefaced selfies!

  6. Work with props.

    Be a little creative! Take a flower or your favorite makeup product and strike a pose.

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  7. Crop as you please.

    Proper cropping is key to acing the best photos. Feel free to cut out some parts of your selfie. This way, you can edit out the unnecessary elements in the frame.

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  8. Use photo-editing apps.

    Photo-editing apps are lifesavers because they make our photos look better in just a few swipes. Here are some of our favorites:

    - NOMO: Creates vintage and disposable camera effects. (Free with in-app purchases; available on Google Play and App Store)

    - Foodie: Its preset filters makes photo-editing super easy. (Free; available on Google Play and App Store)

    - VSCO: The wide selection of filters will make your photos look professionally taken. (Free with in-app purchases; available on Google Play and App Store)

    We also have a list of apps that help you take the cutest selfies. Check them out here.

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  9. Take advantage of mirrors.

    Who else has not done this? Posing in front of a mirror is a no-brainer. Plus, it's an excellent way to take your OOTD by yourself.

  10. Don't be too pressured.

    It's just a selfie! Don't overthink it. You can just retake if you aren't satisfied. Also, keep in mind that a raw and real the selfie—not one that looks too staged—will always be cool.

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