How To Make Your Beauty Haul Look Instagrammable

Learn how to take pretty #shelfies here!

We love #shelfies, aka artfully arranged beauty products on Instagram, because it is where we spot our next purchases or become inspired to fix our vanity area. We know it takes A LOT to get the perfect shot, and this thought stop ourselves from sharing our makeup and skincare haul for the world to see. Worry not anymore because we decoded product styling tips, based from our fave IG shelfies. Scroll down and take down notes!

  1. Take advantage of mirrors. A reflection adds ~art~ to your photo.

  2. If you like hoarding beauty products (who doesn't? LOL), be proud of it!

  3. Give your followers a top view of your stash.

  4. Grant everyone a peek inside your kikay kit.

  5. Add cute props like shells, flowers, or fruits.

  6. Include your hand in the frame for a human touch.

  7. Look for a pretty background.

  8. Zoom it in to show off the product's texture.

  9. Focus on one brand.

  10. Color code a la ROYGBIV.

  11. Or go monochromatic.

  12. Try the less is more approach—it never fails!

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