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These Are The Must-Have Beauty Products Hyeri Of 'Reply 1988' Swears By

We even found the exact scent she loves wearing!

Are you currently binge-watching the 2015 K-drama hit Reply 1988? Its story follows five childhood friends' journey to adulthood. The series stars Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, and of course, lead actress Hyeri.

Aside from playing the iconic role of Sung Deok Sun, did you know Hyeri was part of the popular K-pop girl group Girl's Day, too? Although they, unfortunately, disbanded in 2019 (not without having smash hits like "Something "and "Expectation," FYI), she remains as one of our beauty inspos to this day! In fact, the renewed hype over Reply 1988 recently made us look into some of her beauty secrets, which led us to a vlog that reveals some of her bag essentials. Scroll ahead to see what we found out!

Hyeri's Must-Have Beauty Products

  1. Face massage tools

    Hyeri shares that her face is often swollen, so she has not one but two face massagers in her bag! The first one, which she reveals is a gift from her fans, is a cylindrical roller that she uses to define her jawline. Her second massager is kept in a little pouch, and she says she uses it to massage her face and depuff when she's getting her makeup done.


    The actress didn't mention the exact brands of her tools, but we did find very similar ones below!

    PHOTO BY Nurse Jamie, Sephora

    Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller, $69, nursejamie.comRefa S Carat Ray, P13,915, Sephora

  2. Mini body massage tool

    Another massage tool? Yup! This time, though, it's a mini roller ball that helps her get all the knots out of her neck and arms. The sprout packaging is so adorable and functional at the same time!

    PHOTO BY Amazon
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    Zyllion Sprout Mini Hand-Held Body Massager, price unavailable, Amazon

  3. Cologne

    Hyeri didn't seem to have any skincare and makeup in her bag, but she does carry around a huge 100ml bottle of her signature scent. According to the actress, her team loves this cologne as much as she does, and they even refer to it as the "Hyeri scent."

    Though she didn't specify what the fragrance actually was, we could recognize the iconic bottle she was holding even from a mile away. It's Jo Malone London's classic English Pear & Freesia Cologne, and Hyeri owns the limited edition golden bottle from the brand's Holiday 2019 collection. Got you!

    PHOTO BY Jo Malone London

    Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne, P8,150, Rustan's

Check out the full video below to find out the rest of Hyeri's bag essentials!

Hyeri - What's In My Bag

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