10 Influencer-Approved Poses To Get That Perfect OOTD

It's all for the 'gram.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kelseymerritt, (RIGHT) Instagram/marijasmine

The perfect OOTD Insta post consists of a cool outfit, sweet lighting, and of course, a killer pose. But if you feel a bit awkward or perhaps only have a limited time to get a hundred shots for posting options, you might consider finding a signature pose to perfect so that nailing that shot will become as easy as breathing. Below, we round up 10 foolproof poses loved by your favorite influencers to get you the most flattering shot.

Laureen Uy's Sit Anywhere Pose

Laureen is known to have vibrant colors on her feed, complemented by her eclectic sense of style. But what you'll notice in her 'grams, aside from the slanted framing, is that this fashion blogger loves to sit just about anywhere—on posts, ledges, stairs, street curbs—even on the pavement. And we can see how this her favorite: it looks cool and laidback. Plus, it lets you show off your background, clothes, shoes, and bag all in one go!

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Tricia Gosingtian-Abunada's Sleepy Pose

If you're looking for a beginner pose for nailing that artsy, dreamy shot, looking a bit sleepy might just be the one for you. Do as Tricia does and delicately place your hand on one eye, as if you were to scratch it, and look straight into the camera. You can also slightly bend your neck for extra dreamy points, or go all the way and close both your eyes to appear like you're feelin' the vibe of your current location.

Ida Anduyan's Over the Shoulder Pose

This pose is especially apt to use when you want to highlight the back details of your outfit or for flexing that hard-earned peach you worked so hard for at the gym.

Kelsey Merritt's Flamingo Pose

Kelsey's go-to pose entails one foot propped up over the other or against a wall. When done right, this pose can help you highlight your curves and helps give that "too cool to care" look.

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Mari Jasmine's Look Down Pose

Shy gals, here's a pose you can try that will still make a nice addition to your 'gram. Looking down, like in Mari's photos, exudes subtle nonchalance with a hint of candidness, as if to say, "I wasn't ready for the photo but hey, this still made it to the feed."

Nicole Andersson's Hand in Hair Pose

When taking a photo, the surroundings might not always be in your favor. So for those windy days when you just can't pass up a good ole OOTD, you can use this pose to help tame your tresses while still looking cute. Just look at Nicole! This also works if you don't know what to do with your hands.

Georgina Wilson-Burnand's Hands on Hips Pose

George's pop out arm pose lets you assume a more authoritative stance while still looking chic. If you need any more proof, this pose even made it to a Preview cover!

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Liz Uy's Walk with Me Pose

This papparazzi-like shot doesn't only add motion to your pictures, you're also letting your clothes be the focal point of the photo. You can employ this technique if you want a more nonchalant vibe to your OOTDs.

Aimee Song's Manspreading Pose

Show 'em who's boss with Aimee's signature legs-wide-open pose. Don't forget to point at least one foot to elongate your frame even more.

Bea Marin's Tell Me More Pose

This pose entails resting your arm on the palm of your hand, with your elbow propped up on a table or thighs. It's easy to love this pose because you get to frame your face or show off your baubles or ink, all while looking straight into the camera like you're talking to someone. Now, whether you mean to say "tell me more" sarcastically or not is up to you!

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