The Pretty And Easy Instagram Pose You Can Try Right Now

Simply effortless!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/elissejosonn, (RIGHT) Instagram/nadine

We don't think the world will ever run out of Instagram poses, and we're thankful for the peeps we see on IG who always serve as inspo. Today, we discuss the latest trend we've spotted that's so easy to do: Posing with a single flower. That's right, we're not talking about posing against a field of flowers or with bouquets, we mean posing with literally just a flower. Take a look at how chic and effortless each photo looks!

Use a long-stemmed rose to partially cover your face for a mysterious effect.

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Biting the long-stemmed rose looks seductive and classy.

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Lie down and cover one eye with a rose bud for an ethereal feel.

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Emphasize your bold eye makeup by placing a flower in front of one eye.

This pose can make for a pretty headshot that deserves to be your display picture in all your social media accounts.

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You don't really need to be in the photo. Your profile and the flower's silhouette are enough to turn your Insta into ~modern art~.

We love how the red rose and dim lighting made this OOTD look dramatic and moody.

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See you at the flower shop, LOL!

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