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7 Beauty Trends Jane De Leon Is Always Wearing

We're *obsessed* with all her looks.
PHOTO: instagram/imjanedeleon

If there is one makeup look that never fails us no matter what, it's the "fresh lang" one. All you need are filled-in arches, a healthy-looking flush, curled lashes, and a blotted lip. Someone who has mastered all these factors is Jane De Leon. She's been on our radar since she scored the role of Darna and became the ~new face~ of Belo Beauty. That said, we decided to compile all the beauty trends the 21-year-old actress is obsessed with:

  1. Peachy lids

    Peach is one of Jane's go-to colors when it comes to her lids, and we don't blame her. It's a no-fail shade that's totally wearable and looks good on all skin tones!

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  2. Blotted lip

    A ~Jane De Leon lewk~ is not complete without a blotted lip. It's a low-key way to wear color if you're too intimidated by an opaque coat.

  3. Rosy cheeks

    A "fresh lang" look is incomplete without rosy, just-pinched cheeks. You can wear the same shade on your lips and lids as well, if you want to go for a monochromatic look.

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  4. Bushy arches

    Jane is blessed with thick arches that don't require much filling in (We're so jealous!).

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  5. MLBB lippie

    Just like us, Jane is a big fan of MLBB lippies. It's the perfect way to cap off a neutral makeup look. 

  6. Long hair

    Jane has long hair which makes it super versatile. She sometimes has it straightened out, curled, or styled into a pretty updo.

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  7. Bangs

    And just like us, Jane *loves* experimenting with her hair, particularly with her bangs. She's had a wispy fringe for quite some time now!

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