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7 Beauty Trends Janella Salvador Is Always Wearing

It's not a Janella makeup look without a red lippie!
PHOTO: instagram/superjanella

If you're stuck in a rut and in need of some beauty inspo, let me turn your attention to Janella Salvador's Instagram. She has a good mix of "fresh lang" and ~fancy~ makeup lewks on her feed. There's no doubt she's influential when it comes to trends. (She did convince us to start sporting a crimson pout, after all.)

Below, we compiled all the beauty trends that the actress has mastered:

  1. Red lipstick

    We always see Janella with a crimson pout. We love how she can elevate a simple makeup look with one swipe of red lipstick!

  2. Subtle winged eyeliner

    Janella is a big fan of the ~subtle~ wing. She usually uses a brown eyeliner to define her eye shape.

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  3. Bushy eyebrows

    Janella's bushy eyebrows are another defining feature of hers. We love that she doesn't ~clean~ them up that much for a youthful, more natural look.

  4. Glowing skin

    Janella is a fan of the "glass skin" look. She uses minimal products to let her skin's natural radiance shine through. To score the same luminosity, use a dewy foundation (or tinted moisturizer) and apply highlighter to the high points of your face.

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  5. "Fresh lang" makeup

    If you scroll through Janella's Instagram feed, you will notice a good amount of super glam lewks. She, however, also loves wearing minimal makeup. To cop her look, just fill in your brows, coat your lashes with mascara, sweep on some blush, and swipe a hydrating lip balm.

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  6. Glossy lips

    Even though matte red lipsticks are Janella's go-to, she doesn't say no to a good glossy pout—it just makes her puckers look plumper and juicier!

  7. Ever-changing hairstyle

    Janella had lengthy wavy tresses for the longest time until she chopped a huge chunk off and got a lob in 2019. Just last month, though, she cut her hair shorter and now has a beautiful bob with bangs! We can't wait for the pretty hairstyles she'll sport in the future.

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