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Jeffree Star Responds To Criticism Over Canceled Makeup Tour

PHOTO: Instagram/jeffreestar
  • Jeffree Star has addressed criticism over canceling his European tour.
  • The YouTuber admitted that he's been struggling with personal issues following his split from Nate Schwandt.

    Jeffree Star says there's more than just his recent break-up behind his decision to cancel his European makeup masterclass tour with Mmmmitchell.

    Four days before the tour was due to begin in Dublin, tour organizer Tatti Lashes released a statement citing "unforeseen personal reasons" on Jeffree's part as the reason for late cancellation. Fans presumed that the reason for the cancellation was Jeffree's recent breakup with his former partner of five years, Nate Schwandt. However, the makeup mogul took to his Instagram stories to hint that there's more going on in his life right now.

    "I know a lot of you are like, 'Jeffree, why are you not in Europe right now?' and obviously as you guys know I'm going through a lot—not just the breakup, but it's really hard to leave the dogs, I have a lot less help now, so I just want to clear the air," he began.


    "Just remember that we're all just human beings, we all have emotions, we're all going through things. Minus what I announced to the world, there's a lot more I'm going through. So it's like...I think some people need to show a bit more compassion.

    "Let me just clear the air. Yesterday, I got on a plane and did a day trip. It was an hour and 30-minute flight. I wish I could be in Europe right now, but that is a 10-hour flight, and I was supposed to be gone for 10 days. The thought of leaving my dogs for that long when their father is not here... couldn't even fathom."

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    He added: "You guys know I hate canceling, I've only done that a few times in my entire career. But emotionally and mentally, you have to worry about yourself first. So yes, yesterday I got to escape all of this shit in my head and go play with new products that I'm creating for the brand. I was in Idaho for literally eight hours and then went right back home with the dogs and fed them dinner."

    Careful not to worry fans, Jeffree also added: "I'm doing ok... am I doing great? Absolutely not. But that's ok. I'm not sure who needs to hear this but it's ok to not be ok."

    Over the weekend he addressed speculation from fans that he and Nate had split by sharing a picture of himself and captioning it: "We broke up... Sorry for the silence, I’ve been trying to heal"



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