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8 Times Jess Wilson And Bella Hadid Were Basically The Same Person

These two are like long-lost twins!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jesswilson, (RIGHT) Instagram/hungvanngo

Jess Wilson is a tall, gorgeous model who's part of the Sunnies Face team. She's also related to *almost* all of the It Girls: Georgina is her sister, Martine Cajucom, Belleand Ava Daza are her cousins.

Meanwhile, this is Bella Hadid. She's a tall, gorgeous model who is related to three other models—her mom, Yolanda, her sister, Gigi, and her brother, Anwar.

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Now you're probably thinking, "They look so much alike!" Well, same. So keep scrolling if you want more proof that Jess is not only secretly the fourth Hadid sibling, but Bella's ~twin~!

When they both wore dresses with slits and posed sideways.

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They both showed off their backs while ~chilling!~

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If it wasn't already obvious, Jess and Bella both have beautiful eyes and killer cheekbones.

Of course, they both had to pose in pink gowns while leaning against a wall! It's probs a twin thing.

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Skin-tight, corset-type dresses both look good on them.

We love how they *casually* soak up the sun while they enjoy their vacay!

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When taking a photo in bed, the easiest pose is to sit up straight and tuck your legs in!

They know the proper angle where they can show off their tops and sharp contours.

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