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Judy Ann Santos Opens Up About Being Body-Shamed And Called 'Siopao' As A Teen

Judy Ann said the journey only made her a stronger woman.
Judy Ann Santos speaks up about being fat-shamed when she was younger
PHOTO: Jayson Vicente-Isaac

Judy Ann Santos, a beloved actress who has repeatedly proven her staying power in the Philippine entertainment industry, recently opened up about a challenging time during her younger years. 

In her May 2023 PEP Headliner feature, the actress recalled enduring body-shaming when she was a teen because she was chubby — tabloids called her "siopao." Judy Ann said she refused to conform to conventional beauty ideals, and chose to focus on developing her talent.

"Parang nabuhayan ang mga tao na hindi lahat ng artista kailangan perpekto. Na hindi kailangan na sobrang mestiza, hindi kailangan yung sexy, hindi kailangan malaki ang dede," Judy Ann tells PEP.  

Photo by Jayson Vicente-Isaac for PEP

The hurtful experiences of being body-shamed and called names only made Judy Ann a stronger woman. Now, she stands tall as a powerful advocate against body shaming, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring others to embrace their true selves with confidence and self-love.


Throughout her career, Judy Ann possessed an unwavering sense of self-belief. She emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and being your own person, sharing, "I always trusted my gut...Ayaw ng mga tao magpagupit ako, nagpagupit ako. Kasi gusto ko magpagupit, e...Kumbaga lagi akong taliwas sa gusto ng mga tao."

In a world of carefully curated social media posts, Judy Ann continues to keep it real and embraces her imperfections. Reflecting on the time when she posted an "unflattering" picture of herself, she shrugged off the criticism, saying, "Wala, nakakatawa kasi siya, e." By demonstrating authenticity and a genuine sense of humor, she encourages others to embrace their true selves.

It also helps that her husband, Ryan Agoncillo, has always been her proud supporter. Back in 2019, the actor even posted a sexy photo of the actress. "He probably saw something beautiful and nice, and he wanted to show it to everyone. Bakit hindi?" She said, "I love it. I love that that’s how my husband sees me."

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