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Pinays Reveal The Beauty Products They Bought Because Of Their K-Idols

'I wanted the Song Hye Kyo glow—nafeel ko naman!'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo/MBC, (RIGHT) What's Wrong with Secretary Kim/tvN

K-entertainment fans, whether it be music or television shows, will go to great lengths just to support their idols, including buying the products that they endorse or use. Raise your hand if you've ever been guilty of purchasing something just because you saw your idol use it—we know we are!

We asked the girls over at Cosmo Mixers (our fun group where we chat about everything under the sun) to share the beauty products they bought because of their favorite Korean idol or show, and they did not disappoint! Keep on scrolling to find out about their ~impulse buys~:

  1. "I bought the Nature Republic Sun Stick after watching EXO's reality show!" - Jen

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  2.  "Kim Bok Joo's lipstick in Weightlifting Fairy! I loved the drama so much, hinanap ko talaga yung Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. Swaaaaaag." - Lily

  3. "Face masks... a LOT of face masks!" - Kristine
  4. "Innisfree Green Tea Seed SerumI love this product." - Paola
  5. "I always buy a moisturizer, lip tint, BB cream, and SPF 50 Ice Sun from Nature Republic because of EXO!" - Nikki
  6. "I was so obsessed with What's Wrong With Secretary Kim that in the middle of the season, I ordered two Shu Uemura lipsticks from Sephora. One in orange and one in neon pink, because in my head, I can pull them off like Park Min Young. GANDA KA GIRL?!" - Retty
  7. "I bought Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar because of Descendants of the Sun. I wanted the Song Hye Kyo glow—nafeel ko naman! Lol" - June
  8. "I was never into K-beauty before but after watching DOTS and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, I became a Laneige stan. I was so heartbroken when they closed their PH stores a few years back. LOL!" - Cindy
  9. "I bought the Laneige BB Cushion in the hopes of achieving the freshness of Dr. Kang from Descendants of the Sun haha. It's my holy grail cushion!" - Rhodessa 

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*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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