8 Ways To Pose Against A Wall, According To Kathryn Bernardo

Make that background work for YOU.
PHOTO: Instagram/bernardokath

An IG-worthy wall isn't hard to find these days. But if anyone knows a thing or two about posing against a pretty background, it's Kathryn Bernardo! Scroll below to see how you can take the best ~*wall poses*~.

  1. A brick wall can work for anything you want.

    The simple, yet rugged appearance will allow your OOTD and hairstyle to stand out! 

  2. The same goes for a brightly-painted surface.

    We love the way it emphasized the red and blue accents of Kath's bag. Just WOW!

  3. Embrace anything that's out of place!

    Don't fight those bars and pipes; accept them! They can add character to your photo. ;)

  4. Don't be afraid to play with spaces.

    When it comes to posing against a wall, your camera doesn't need to always be focusing on your face! Have fun trying out different angles and looks!

  5. It's okay to be goofy!

    Do a funny pose that can go with your background's theme. You don't always have to be serious for the 'gram.

  6. A textured wall is the best.

    This will add depth to your ~cool girl~ photo! ;)

  7. When in doubt, pose with your furry best friend!

    Plus points if he or she matches with your outfit. LOL! 

  8. Just have fun with it!

    TBH, this is the most important thing to remember when posing for a photo.

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