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8 Ways To Pose Against A Wall, According To Kathryn Bernardo

Make that background work for YOU.
PHOTO: Instagram/bernardokath

An IG-worthy wall isn't hard to find these days. But if anyone knows a thing or two about posing against a pretty background, it's Kathryn Bernardo! Scroll below to see how you can take the best ~*wall poses*~.

  1. A brick wall can work for anything you want.

    The simple, yet rugged appearance will allow your OOTD and hairstyle to stand out! 

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  2. The same goes for a brightly-painted surface.

    We love the way it emphasized the red and blue accents of Kath's bag. Just WOW!

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  3. Embrace anything that's out of place!

    Don't fight those bars and pipes; accept them! They can add character to your photo. ;)

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  4. Don't be afraid to play with spaces.

    When it comes to posing against a wall, your camera doesn't need to always be focusing on your face! Have fun trying out different angles and looks!

  5. It's okay to be goofy!

    Do a funny pose that can go with your background's theme. You don't always have to be serious for the 'gram.

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  6. A textured wall is the best.

    This will add depth to your ~cool girl~ photo! ;)

  7. When in doubt, pose with your furry best friend!

    Plus points if he or she matches with your outfit. LOL! 

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  8. Just have fun with it!

    TBH, this is the most important thing to remember when posing for a photo.

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