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Y’All, Kim Kardashian Once Thought Thin Eyebrows Were A Good Idea

Her prom picture!
PHOTO: Instagram/kimkardashian
  • Kim Kardashian shared a throwback picture of herself at prom and it’s instantly iconic.
  • Kim has been organizing her old photos, so get ready for some priceless throwbacks.

    In the event that you aren’t following Kim’s KKW Fragrance Instagram with bated breath, it recently shared Kim’s circa 1996 prom pic, and I am truly speechless. Between the massive updo and the skinny brows, Kim looks like a completely different person—and don’t even get me started on Kris Jenner, who is clearly aging in reverse.

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    Kim has actually been posting a ton of throwbacks lately (apparently, she’s been organizing her pics in quarantine), including this gem with her siblings:

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    This incredible seventh-grade yearbook pic where she looks like a casual supermodel (please note, my seventh-grade yearbook pic does not...look like...this):

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    This somewhat terrifying photo of everyone wearing matching leopard print (hi @ Kourtney’s bangs):

    This picture of Kim wearing turquoise eyeliner and rocking side-swept fringe in college:

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    And also, this absolutely lovely picture with her dad:

    Like, I want to say Kim going through all her old pics has inspired me to take a trip down memory lane into my digital camera archives, but I am truly terrified of what I might find. Just not sure I’m emotionally prepared to see myself in oversize dolphin T-shirts and leggings right now, you know?

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