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10 Things Every K-Beauty Lover Can Relate To

Double-cleansing is life!
PHOTO: Instagram/skuukzky

If you're as obsessed about K-beauty as we are, keep reading to see the things that will make you go, "Same."

  1. Having "Glass Skin" is the one true goal.

    Uh, who can resist wanting a clear, soft, and bouncy-looking complexion?

  2. Your skincare routine has more than six steps.

    No, you can't shorten it or skip a product. Each step actually contributes to achieving "glass skin!"

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  3. You know what the "7 Skin" method is.

    You tried it; you loved it. But now, you only apply toner twice or thrice because honestly, who has time to do this every day?

  4. Double-cleansing is life.

    You can't leave any makeup in your pores, otherwise, breakouts!

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  5. You never skip chemically exfoliating your skin.

    AHA and BHA products are gentle and lightweight. Plus, using them will prevent nasty blackheads and whiteheads from popping up.

  6. You aim to have radiant skin all day, every day!

    Sure, matte skin is great when it's particularly hot AF outside. But daily, you're all about that glazed look!

  7. Korean actors and singers are your ~*beauty icons*~.

    Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez are both gorgeous, but you're all for scoring Song Hye Kyo's and Suzy's glow.

  8. Lip and cheek tints are an everyday staple for you.

    They last longer, and it's nice to have your pout and cheeks ~match~!

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  9. You're a pro at pronouncing Korean beauty brands.

    COSRX is not pronounced as "kos-ar-ex." It's "kos-ar-exa." ;)

  10. The Klog and Glow Recipe are your favorite K-beauty blogs.

    Their beauty tips and tricks are the best!

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