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17 Of The *Best* K-Beauty Brands You Can Easily Shop For Online

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Best Korean beauty brands you can shop online
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When it comes to beauty products, Korean brands are home to some of the best ones we've ever tried. Anyone who's ever been to South Korea knows how crazy beauty shopping is over there! While we wait for things to ease up for us to be able to travel again, we've taken the liberty of doing research and listing down our absolute favorite K-beauty brands, recommended products, and how to shop for them.

Here, 17 of the best Korean beauty brands you can easily shop for online in the Philippines:


What K-beauty roundup would be complete without Innisfree? The brand officially opened their stores in the Philippines a few years ago and they've also launched online platforms to make shopping easier. Aside from their skincare products that already have a huge following among skincare enthusiasts, did you know that Innisfree also carries amazing home scents? We also highly-recommend their powder eyeshadows and blushes—they're all so pigmented and long-lasting!

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Shop Innisfree Philippines here

Papa Recipe

"Good skincare lies in good ingredients" is what this Korean skincare brand believes in. Our favorite from Papa Recipe would definitely be their Bombee Honey Mask—it's one of the best sheet masks to heal, soothe, and repair dry skin. Did we mention that one of our fave oppas Ahn Bo Hyun is their endorser? Brb, adding to cart!

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Shop Papa Recipe Philippines here

Thank You Farmer

If you're looking for mild skincare products that get the job done, this brand is for you. Thank You Farmer believes in having the mindset of an "honest farmer" who "follows the law of nature" in order to produce simple but highly-effective products.

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Shop Thank You Farmer Philippines here

Son & Park

If you've been following K-beauty for a while now, then you're probably familiar with the Son & Park beauty water that everyone loves. This toner has a lot of benefits, thanks to its key ingredients: lavender extract (anti-inflammatory and anti-aging), rose extract (hydrating and soothing), and orange peel oil (detoxifies the skin). 

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Shop Son & Park Philippines here


If you still don't use a toner, consider this your sign to get one, ASAP. ACWell's most popular product is their licorice pH balancing toner, and it works for all skin types. It contains licorice, which is known to brighten the skin, and green tea that soothes irritation. 

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Shop ACWell Philippines here


If you're curious about their name, it's actually "Something" and "By Miracle" combined. Cute, huh? SOME BY MI's most recognizable products are those from their AHA-BHA-PHA Miracle line. The products from this line—toner, moisturizer, etc.—are packed with ingredients that will help get rid of acne. They also have a body wash in the line specifically made to help reduce body acne! They also have big endorsers: BTOB's Yook Seungjae and EXO's Sehun.

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Shop SOME BY MI Philippines here

I'm Meme

You can't resist I'm Meme's super adorable palettes and lippies! This youthful beauty brand has the prettiest color selection of eyeshadows, lip tints, and more. We recommend trying out their Multicubes—each cube comes with four eyeshadows, a blush, all in a compact mini cube. It even has a mirror!

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Shop I'm Meme Philippines here


Calling all EXO-Ls! This skincare brand is actually endorsed by none other than Chanyeol and carries various skincare lines to cater to different skin types. They're most famous for their Fresh Herb Origin Serum, which is known to brighten and moisturize the skin. It's also safe to use if you're dealing with acne. 

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Shop Nacific Philippines here


3CE is a certified ~*cool girl*~ Korean beauty brand. Chances are, you've seen their #aesthetic products on your feeds at one point. Launched in 2009 under the fashion brand STYLENANDA, 3CE offers makeup products and tools guaranteed to help you achieve that K-beauty glow: gorgeous skin, subtle eyeshadow, pinky-peach cheeks, and sweet-colored lips. We recommend: Eyeshadow palettes, lip tints, and their makeup brushes!

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Shop 3CE Philippines here

Face Republic

If there's one skincare step that Koreans are particular about, it's sun protection. Face Republic has some of the best lightweight face sunscreens you'll ever try at an affordable price point. They also offer a wide variety of skincare products like cleansers, toners, and more. 

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Shop Face Republic Philippines here


AHC is one of the most popular skincare brands in Korea. If you've been to Seoul, chances are, you've seen this brand in almost every beauty store you walk into. They're most known for their Real Eye Cream for Face—a unique product that can be used both as an eye cream as well as a moisturizer for the face. 

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Shop AHC Philippines here


When you say Romand, K-beauty fans will automatically think of the best lip tints. We swear, try out their Juicy Lasting Tints and feel like a leading lady in a K-drama! 

Shop Romand Philippines here

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Expect the best no-fuss products from the widely-popular Korean beauty brand, A'Pieu. They have the *cutest* sheet masks (think: milk, yogurt, and more!) and offer unique products like hair rinsing vinegar and dry shampoo for your bangs. They're most known for their Madecassoside line, which can soothe and prevent acne. We also recommend their sunscreens which come in different variants. 

Shop A'Pieu Philippines here

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Club Clio

This hip and young Korean makeup brand make some of the best cushions, eyeshadows, and lippies we've ever tried. They're also known for Peripera, aka one of the most recognized lip tints in the world! We also recommend trying out their eyeliners which stay in place all day.

Shop Club Clio/Peripera Philippines here

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Pyunkang Yul

Pyunkang Yul is "developed by the renowed Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in South Korea, an institution well known for treating atopic skin disorders." This brand is most known for its gentle essence toner, which hydrates and strengthens the skin. If you're looking for a new addition to your skincare routine, we highly recommend this! 

Shop Pyunkang Yul Philippines here

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This luxurious Korean skincare brand boasts gentle yet highly effective products that can soothe and repair tired skin. They're most known for their Vitarice Moisture Cream, Skin Relief Fresh Serum, and Skin Relief Soothing Toner. Also, can we talk about how gorgeous their glass packaging is?!

Shop Commleaf Philippines here

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One Thing

Expect no-fuss and 100% quality ingredients from the products of One Thing. Their products focus on one ingredient each to deliver the best results. You can use their products alone or mix them with your other skincare or beauty products.

Shop One Thing Philippines here

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