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Want Korean-Style *Glass Skin*? Here Are K-Beauty YouTubers To Subscribe To

Your *Best* Guide In Achieving That Korean-Style Glass Skin
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/liahyoo, YouTube/Beauty Within

Have you just started to dive into the world of skincare and you want to learn the ABCs (or should we say the AHAs and BHAs) of skincare ingredients? Have you started building your personal skincare routine or do you have an existing one already, but you want to step up your self-care game?

K-beauty has been a popular trend for years now. With South Korea being a leader in skincare innovations, we don't see any signs of this dying down soon! And what better way to be updated on the latest products and star ingredients than by following Korean skincare YouTube channels! We've listed down the *best* ones for you so go check them out below:

Best Korean Skincare YouTubers To Subscribe To

  1. Liah Yoo

    Starting out as a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, Liah Yoo initially uploaded makeup tutorial videos but eventually transitioned to uploading more skincare videos. She was one of the very first Korean Youtubers who shared the science behind skincare ingredients and formulations of skincare products in ways that "normal" people would understand. She's a firm believer in listening to your skin's needs and protecting your skin barrier instead of blindly following every skincare trend or hype. Her most popular video talks about acne care and skin-damaging habits you need to stop doing. Watch it here:


    10 Skincare Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse & Sensitize Your Skin!

    Liah also used to work in the Korean beauty industry so it’s no surprise that she branched out to fulfill her dream of becoming an entrepreneur with her own skincare brand called KraveBeauty. Her products are known for being high-quality and holy grails in the skincare world. She recently launched KraveBeauty's latest product, Great Body Relief, which is a skin barrier treatment for the body. Liah explains the thought process behind the launch here:

    KraveBeauty Great Body Relief Launch • Everything you need to know!

  2. EuniUnni

    Eunice is a beauty, food, and travel vlogger with an infectious and bubbly energy that you can't help but want to buy all the products she raves about in her videos. Her channel is so interesting because she features new Korean brands. If you follow her, you'll get updated on the up-and-coming K-beauty brands. Eunice also invites her friends who are in the skincare industry or fellow K-beauty content creators to guest in her videos, and they do skincare hauls and shopping sprees. One of her most interesting video content is the Olive Young videos where she shares with her subscribers the most popular products bought in Olive Young, one of the most popular beauty and health stores in South Korea. Check it out here:

    watch now

    Products Koreans bought the most at OLIVEYOUNG in 2021?!

    Recently, she has been posting YouTube shorts and they're quick and fun. So, if you don't have time to sit through a whole YouTube video, you can still get your skincare info fix. Check the latest one regarding skincare tools here:

    Skincare tools I can't live without!

  3. Beauty Within

    Imagine sharing all your beauty secrets with your BFF! This is what watching Beauty Within feels like. Hosted by friends, Felicia and Rowena, this channel talks about skincare, beauty, and wellness. Subscribers also get the best of both worlds because Felicia has oily skin and Rowena has dry skin which means they can share their experiences and tips for both skin types and also their personal product reviews. Beauty Within has very detailed skincare video guides where they explain ingredients using helpful visuals and then proceed to rating and discussing each skincare product. Watch their How To Layer Active Ingredients video here:

    How to Layer Active Ingredients: Niacinamide, Vitamin C, AHA/BHA, Retinols & More!

    They are also very open in sharing their personal skin journeys and aside from the side stories they put in their regular video uploads, Felicia and Rowena go live and conduct self-care chats with their loyal subscribers. Check the latest one here:


    Dealing With Acne & Eczema | Skincare & Self Love Chats

  4. Wishtrend TV

    Wishtrend TV started in 2013 as a YouTube "library" of professional skincare, beauty, and lifestyle tips. They have different hosts doing different content and they also invite popular content creators to do special segments. From anti-aging secrets to face yoga, from brightening dark spots all over your body to fading dark undereye circles, this channel has probably all the tips and product recommendations you need and more. Watch this video with host, Kasper:

    How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes In The Most Effective Way! | Teen Beauty Bible

    They also do Q&A skincare videos that span several topics. Check out their aging care video where host, Mehdi, answers questions on Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and more:

    Q. Am I too late to start aging care at the age of 44?????| A. We are sorry to say...but

  5. SooBeauty

    Soo does no-nonsense, straightforward skincare and makeup videos. She tests out and reviews K-beauty products and she’s not afraid to give her honest thoughts. Soo is also too relatable with her lazy girl hacks, acne journey, and skin texture stories. She is the perfect example of loving your skin no matter what! Watch her Glass Skin In 3 Steps video here:


    How to get Glass Skin in 3 steps #lazygirlhack |

    Soo also takes her subscribers (virtually, of course) as she goes skincare shopping. You'll definitely discover new brands and products when you follow her videos. She explores different budget ranges as well from affordable skincare to luxury brand ones. Check out one of her skincare haul videos here:

    What skincare I actually buy

  6. Meejmuse

    Jen does a variety of weekly content from skincare, beauty, fashion, travel, and much more. She does DIY skincare videos like face packs, morning and night routines, best products, product comparisons review, and skincare empties. Sometimes, she does live unboxing of K-beauty products. She has also been featured in Korean TV shows. Watch her GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video here:

    grwm: korean summer skincare routine

    One of her most interesting videos is her skincare awards videos where she shares the best products, she loves for each skincare category. It's a helpful guide in building your whole skincare routine in one video. Check it out here:



There you have it! Follow them all and dive into the world of skincare. We're sure you'll find content that fits your skincare concerns and self-care needs. Even better, these K-beauty YouTube channels show you a glimpse of Korean culture and lifestyle. While watching the videos, you'll probably learn more than what you signed up for.

Which K-beauty YouTuber is your favorite? Who should we add to the list? We want to keep our eye out for more skincare experts. Glass skin here we come!


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