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Kris Bernal Shares What Inspired Her To Start Her *Own* Beauty Brand, She Cosmetics

'You have to love and believe in your product.'

The biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro, Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, happened from August 31 to September 1 at the SMX Convention Center. Cosmo girls had a lot of fun shopping the coolest beauty and fashion brands, as well as meeting and listening to their favorite celebs and influencers!

One of the most-awaited speakers of Day 2 was Kris Bernal, an actress, vlogger, and beauty entrepreneur. Her segment was titled This Is How I Started She Cosmetics.

She talked about why she decided to make lipsticks as the first-ever product from her brand, how she came up with the name She Cosmetics (the original name was supposed to be Kris B only!), and the struggles she went through while conceptualizing and planning.

She also had two tips for the people who want to start their own business as well:

  1. Learn how to budget your money wisely. You also have to invest in the right people, like your social media manager.
  2. Create a product that you love and believe in. In Kris' case, her favorite makeup product is lipstick, so that's why the first collection featured liquid lippies.
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Watch Kris' full segment here (she even got to answer questions from lucky fans!):

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Watch Kris Bernal's full segment at Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON about her journey towards creating her very own makeup brand, She Cosmetics.

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