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How To Pose With Food, As Seen On Kris Bernal

Most of her poses are relatable AF.
PHOTO: Instagram/cp3xrry via Instagram/krisbernal

Kris Bernal is here to give you ideas on how to effortlessly pose with food. As the owner of MeatKris and House of Gogi restaurants, she sure knows how to work with mouthwatering finds in every frame. You'll get the perception that whatever Kris is having is insanely delicious or seriously refreshing. See for yourself!

A tray full of burgers is always an attractive addition to one's selfie.

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Kris' face while waiting to attack dinner: Same, girl. Same.

Do the expected, and pose with a finger heart while eating a Korean-themed feast.

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A wine glass elevates your IG pic.

ICYDK, the grocery is a good location for taking Instagram pictures.

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Act like you're offering a bite to your followers.

Go all out in the summertime by eating ice cream while taking a dip in the pool.

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Or just go basic and eat ice cream from the cone.

When you low-key judge the buffet spread:

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This is how you take advantage of a doughnut wall:

Never be too shy to gobble up a hotdog in public when you're super hungry.

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Because pizza is eternal.

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Be transparent with your reaction upon seeing a huge piece of food:

When you're trying to analyze how you'll finish the humongous stack of burger patties:

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There's no shame in eating burgers while in the car.

This one's easy: Lean on the wall while you take a sip of iced coffee. Don't forget your sunnies and belt bag, okay?

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Look for a seat near a window to have the most chic photo taken.

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