We Are Living For Kryz Uy's Vanity + Makeup Collection Tour!

Her vanity area is GOALS!
PHOTO: Instagram/Kryzzzie

I don't know about you guys, but the chismosa in me is always drawn to videos such as what's in my bag, what's in my makeup kit, what's in my room—anything related to those kinds of videos! It makes me feel like I'm just chatting with a friend, and they're showing me their favorite stuff, LOL. Plus points if it's more than 20 minutes long because I like it even more when it's *~in-depth~*. It's also a great way to get product recommendations because you know they like it enough to actually talk about it on camera.

So when I saw YouTube vlogger Kryz Uy upload a video of a tour of her vanity area, I immediately clicked on it! Plus, it was almost 30 minutes long. I was LIVING.

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According to Kryz, her entire vanity area was custom-built for her height and needs, plus each space serves a specific purpose.

She also shared a very interesting beauty product that she wants to try out, which is basically...wait for it...a highlighter for your vagina. (What a world we live in.)

Her favorite makeup and skincare products include the Sunnies Face Lip Dip, Real Techniques brushes, Farsali Unicorn Essence (which doubles as a serum and moisturizer!), and La Mer Renewal Oil. 

Watch Kryz talk to us about her custom-made vanity area and her extensive makeup collection here:

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