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Kylie Jenner's Nail Artist Created Penis Nails And I'm Screaming

File this anatomically correct-looking member mani under NSFW.
PHOTO: Instagram/chaunlegend

Scrolling through Instagram, you never know what you're going to see. Case in point: these penis nails—which I audibly gasped over—that I came across while doing some research on nail shapes via Kylie Jenner's nail artist's IG page.

My mind was legit blown. Naturally, I DM'd Chaun P., the mastermind behind this member mani, immediately to get the details on the d.


Turns out, these tips were born out of a random conversation he had with one of his buddies back in May:

"I was talking to my friend Octavius—he had shown me pic of teeth nails—and I was like, 'Ew! Lol,' and then I told him that they have booty nails and he was like, 'What?!' Then, he asked me if anyone had done 'dingaling nails' yet and I was like, 'Noooooooo,' and that's when I got the idea. So, I started whipping them up in my studio." 

Chaun went on to tell me that after he used nail forms to add length to each nail, he created each penis by hand-sculpting acrylic into the shape of a shaft and balls, and finally used gel polish for the pubes.

Honestly, I'm shook over this look. And while I'm not sure who'd actually wear them out in public—he said that he created them for fun and didn't intend for them to actually be wearable—I'm sure glad they exist because what a gift to the Internet they are!


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