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Let Kylie Verzosa Teach You How To Walk Like A ~*Beauty Queen*~

Time to take down notes!
Kylie Verzosa teaches how to walk like a beauty queen
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Andrea Beldua via Instagram/kylieverzosa, YouTube/KylieVerzosa

Kylie Verzosa was crowned Miss International in 2016, so we're pretty sure she's the perfect resource person for this topic: The beauty queen walk.

Pageant candidates work hard so they can walk gracefully and regally while onstage. They practice this every day: Before and throughout the whole competition.

In Kylie's recent vlog, she talked about how she trained to walk like a beauty queen. She also invited Aces and Queens Runway Coach Ian Mendajar to give out tips! Scroll down to see our key takeaways:

How To Walk Like A Beauty Queen: Best Tips

Embody being a queen; feel like a queen.

"You are not a candidate; you are a performer," Ian emphasized that candidates should act as a performer onstage. You should always move like you have an invisible crown. Kylie even said that even when she's cooking or pushing a grocery cart, she pretends she has a crown on her head! This probably is the first step to having a good posture every time!


Baby steps first!

Before acing *that* walk, Ian checks the girl's walk and starts from there. The candidate would need to do exercises from the feet up. (Hot tip: It pays to invest in the right shoe!)

Exercise in front of a mirror so you'll see how you look.

You'll get an idea of what areas you need to improve on when you see your reflection in the mirror.

Walk with the heel first.

To avoid looking awkward in heels, land with your heels first.

Sway your hips while your walk.

Here's how beauty queens get the regal, gliding effect!

Exaggerate your movements.

While you walk, it can help when you exaggerate your movement so you'll be more visible on stage. You should also mind how your arms and hands move with every step.

Learn how to "establish" and pivot.

"Establish" is when the candidate steps in an angled direction and poses mid-walk or after the walk. The candidate needs to count slowly because this is when judges give the score. Pivot is when you turn to walk in the opposite direction. The girl should always remember to flirt with the camera all the time.

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Practice every day.

To master the beauty queen walk, one needs to do it every day until it becomes natural for her. Plus, having a positive, winning mindset will help you nail that powerful beauty queen vibe!

Watch Kylie Verzosa's vlog below for the full demo:

How To: Walk like a Beauty Queen | Kylie Verzosa | Pageant Series

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