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These Pinay Celebs Are Loud And Proud Morenas In Their ~*Stunning*~ Swimsuit OOTDs

They're all for embracing your natural skin tone!
morena and proud celebs
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/lovipoe, Instagram/nadine

For long, light skin is marketed as the epitome of beauty—as evidenced by the cult following of whitening products luring customers to believe that tan skin has little place in conventional Asian beauty ideals. Admittedly, there’s still a long way to go; but it’s noteworthy to say that several brands and influential personalities are taking little steps to put inclusivity in the forefront, inspiring more people to do the same. 

Locally, these Pinay celebrities are unapologetically owning up to their natural skin tone, flaunting it through their jaw-dropping swimsuit OOTDs! Proving that every skin color is indeed beautiful, prepare to get inspired by their loud and proud morena stories.

Here are seven local celebrities who unapologetically flaunted their morena skin in stunning swimsuit OOTDs:

1. Nadine Lustre

There’s no one like Nadine, who has encouraged her fellow women again and again to love themselves! She’s the Internet’s President for a reason—whether she's shutting down a body shamer who told her to size down or confidently baring her morena skin in breathtaking shoots.

PHOTO BY Instagram/nadine

2. Gabbi Garcia

GMA’s “next big star” Gabbi never apologized for her kayumanggi skin. In fact, she owned up to it from the very start. In an interview, she recalled her very first Preview cover as a “breakthrough” moment in her career. "It's titled as Golden. Iyon ata iyong unang beses na feel na feel kong tinanggap ako ng industriya na morena ako. That was 2017." 

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PHOTO BY Instagram/gabbi

3. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn might be one of her generation’s biggest stars, but her life isn't always charmed. She previously opened up that it took her a long time to build her confidence and break free from her insecurities. Thankfully, she has her beau Daniel Padilla to thank. “He was able to block all of my self-doubts and insecurities over the years. It took a while before I learned to accept my skin color and embrace all of my insecurities. Now, I feel so much better.” 

PHOTO BY Instagram/bernardokath

4. Lovi Poe

Lovi isn’t one to let her “imperfections” get to her. Setting herself apart from conventional beauty norms, she uses her platform to encourage others to become comfortable in their own skin, previously silencing body-shamers with a powerful post.

PHOTO BY Instagram/lovipoe

5. Ylona Garcia

88rising's Pinay member Ylona may now be making waves in the international music scene, yet previously, she’s one of the most influential local morena celebrities leaving everyone in awe of her charming beauty and amazing talent.

PHOTO BY Instagram/ylonagarcia

6. Iza Calzado

Expectant mom Iza has recently gotten real with her whirlwind relationship with her body (she underwent two surgeries in preparation for a Darna audition in 2004.) She certainly learned her lesson, and now confidently flaunts her body in its effortless state for everyone to see.

PHOTO BY Instagram/missizacalzado

7. Ayn Bernos

Former Miss Universe-Philippines candidate Ayn is a force for change, making headlines as she proved to pageant fans that there’s a place for beauty queens who don’t fit their certain mold. Not one to stop with her advocacy, she continues to spread body positivity through her morena-friendly makeup tutorials and skin-baring travel ‘fits.

PHOTO BY Instagram/aynbernos

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