Wear Your Contact Lens Before Applying Makeup!

And other beauty things girls who wear contact lens need to know.

1. Start with your contacts already in. Always insert your contacts before you put any beauty product on your face. And please, WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE PUTTING ON YOUR LENSES.

2. Choose oil-free products. Be very particular about the products you use around your eye area. When it comes to primers, eye shadows, mascaras, and eyeliners, those with oil-free formulas are your best bets—they don’t contain oils that might sneak into your eyes and stain your lenses.

3. Avoid tightlining. While it is pretty awesome, we have been warned of its dangers. Plus, you risk catching an eye infection. Ewww.

4. Always de-clump your mascara. Clumps and particles from your mascara—particularly fiber mascaras—can fall into your eyes and get stuck on your lenses.

5. If you wear colored contact lenses, go easy on the eyeshadow. You want to highlight your colored lenses, so go for soft nude eye looks. Anything more dramatic might look OTT.

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6. Consider switching to daily lenses. Daily lenses will cut down the amount of bacteria that enters your eye whenever you put on makeup. They’re quite pricey, but you will have fresh, residue-free contacts every day.

7. Use cream eye shadows. Because powdered eye shadows and loose pigments will really get into your eyes and cause so much discomfort.

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8. Always remove your lenses BEFORE taking out your makeup. Wash your hands, remove your contacts, and then start GENTLY wiping of your makeup. Your eye area is very sensitive, so always use a light hand when removing eye makeup.

9. Avoid false lashes. They might look fabulous, but you risk getting glue into your eyes—and you know what happens next.

10. If you feel or see any signs of discomfort, take your contacts out. If the irritation doesn’t go away after two days, see your doctor immediately. Also, don’t forget to regularly give your eyes some rest by switching to your glasses! You’ll still look hot AF.

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