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10 ~*Expensive*~ Beauty Things You Should Treat Yourself To Once In A While

You deserve it.

Girls know that nothing in beauty ever comes cheap—that’s why it’s so hard to instantly splurge on products and treatments that you want to try. Our advice, however, is to save some of your cash monthly until you have enough to #TreatYoSelf! Because you work long and hard and deserve to feel good! Here, ten things we think you should splurge on once in a while.

1. Your dream lipstick. So you’ve been lusting over a lipstick you spotted on your favorite celeb on Instagram? Kunin mo na!

2. A hair treatment at the salon. You know how when you get a haircut, your stylist always makes you try this super amazing treatment because "maganada talaga 'yun, ma'am!" Girl, try mo lang!

3. Targeted treatments for your skin. If you have to spend on anything beauty-related, let it be skincare because makeup can only do so much. Treat yourself to products that will answer your biggest needs: a luxurious moisturizer for your dry skin, a potent anti-aging eye cream, a hydrating toner, or an anti-acne facial wash. Know what your skin type is, and build your routine from there. There's no need to buy everything in one go.

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4. A random blowout. If you ever find yourself killing time at the mall, head to a salon and get a blowout for pretty, bouncy, and shiny locks. Wala lang! Ganda mo lang eh!

5. A super ~*life-changing*~ facial. Here’s the thing about those really expensive facials at skincare centers: you need to get them regularly before you see results. Usually, clinics offer facial packages that are much cheaper than individual sessions. While the prices of these packages are quite intimidating, if you think you have enough cash to pay for the package, get it. It'll save you more cash in the long runespecially if you do it regularly (and you should).

6. A luxurious makeup base. A high-end liquid foundation can cover wrinkles, acne marks, and skin discolorationsmaking you look #flawless every single time. If you think you've found The One, never let it go, honey.

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7. Brow shaping.  Some brow salons are expensive, but they have every reason to be. Those salons have super experienced technicians who make the experience pain-free!

8. A full body massage at a high-end spa. Once in a while, let yourself relax and spend a day at a high-end spa or at a hotel spa. You’ll instantly feel like a new person after your pampering sesh, promise 

9. Hair and makeup done by pros for an event. Even if you’re so particular about doing your own makeup and hair for events, we say try to enlist the help of pros once in a while. Their hands are magical!

 10. A gel mani-pedi. Gel manicures are definitely a luxury, so treat yourself to oneespecially before going on vacationso you won't have to deal with chipping and peeling polish.

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