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10 Things Every Woman Has Asked Herself About Makeup

How many tubes of red lipstick are you allowed to own?

1. "Should I attempt to do a subtle smoky eye this Friday night?"
I saw this really easy tutorial on Pinterest the other day, and I think kaya naman. Oh God, I look like a panda. Only, I am not cute.

2. "How many tubes of red lipsticks are you allowed to own?"
Seriously, this addiction has got to stop. I mean, people CANNOT tell the difference between MAC's Russian Red and Ruby Woo, right? They're both red. But then again, you can never have too many tubes of red lipstick, says my spirit animal Taylor Swift.

3. "Who invented lip gloss?"
It was cool in the '90s, but I'm so annoyed because my hair keeps sticking to my lips. Matte lipstick forever!

4. "If I follow this super easy Kim Kardashian contouring tutorial, will I look like Kim Kardashian?"
How does she do this every day? I don't have five minutes to apply highlighter, concealer, bronzer, and an illuminator. WTF is an illuminator and why do I look super shiny?


5. "How the heck do you curl your lashes?"
Because every time I try to curl mine, my lashes just look awkward. There is nothing natural about that.

6. "Should I wear makeup to the gym?"
I should. Because it is Monday, and on Mondays Hot Guy Who Does 100 Bicep Curls goes to the gym, and I really want to impress him with my strong kilay game.

7. "Why do I have so much stuff in my kikay kit?"
There is so much Useless Crap here, but I'm too lazy to clean it, because I'll never know when I might actually need, you know, three black eyeliners. Seriously, this thing weighs a ton. I should ask Hot Guy Who Does 100 Bicep Curls to do bicep curls with this.

8. "What should I bring inside my makeup kit during girls night out?"
I will obviously need an under eye concealer, because my eyeliner will probably smudge by midnight. Should I still bring lipstick? I mean, I will end up making out with a guy at the end of the night, so I shouldn't bother re-applying, right? Definitely leaving my blush at home, because with the amount of alcohol I'll be drinking—my cheeks will be too red for blush. #logical

9. "Who uses blue eyeliner?"
I know colored eyeliner is a thing right now, but NOBODY USES COLORED EYELINER.

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10. "Have I ever finished a tube of lipstick?"
Why do I keep buying the darn things in sooo many colors? I don't think I've ever finished an actual tube; I should stop—OMG MAC LIPSTICKS ARE ON SALE.

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