10 Things Girls Think While Makeup Shopping

"Walk away. You don't need it."

1. "I'm just gonna be in and out because I know what I need—30 minutes, tops!"
Probably one of the biggest lies women tell. We all know it never only takes 30 minutes to buy makeup.

2. "Is it safe if I put this on my face? That sponge looks kadiri."
And the saleslady is totally hovering. I’m okay, ate. But could you maybe disinfect this lipstick, too?

3. "Uuuuuuhm what do you mean I need to know if I have oily or combination skin? I barely know the difference between fuchsia and magenta?!"
What is this girl saying about acidic skin and foundation oxidizing? Is this something I should now?  (Ed note: YES.)

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4. "Is makeup really this expensive? How do they have COLLECTIONS?"
Seriously though, why is makeup so expensive? How can one lipstick cost as much as a pair of shoes?

5. "I didn’t know there were so many shades of red lipsticks—but I get it now."
So that’s what blue-reds mean!

6. "What is this highlighter and bronzer palette? Do I need it?"
How do I even use bronzer? It looks like a giant pan of eye shadow. I’ve heard of contouring, but I’m not sure if I can do that? Help?

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7. "Why is the lighting in department stores super unflattering? Ang chaka ko today."
Is it so we would buy more makeup and feel better? Ugh.

8. "Why is the sample out, eh sold out naman pala?"
But that shade of pink just looks SO good on me. Wtf, that’s just so mean.

9. "Walk away, you don't need another black eyeliner. WALK. AWAY."
Let the rationalizing begin. This one says it’s smudgeproof, this one says it’s waterproof. Those are two different things, right? So I can technically own both and not feel like such a hoarder?

10. "Look at all these beautiful and shiny things I cannot afford!"
There, there, girl. Time to save up for that lipstick you want.

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