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10 Things Only Pinay Beauty Addicts Will Understand

You follow a million Instagram makeup shops.

1. You are obsessed with beauty products that aren’t readily available in the country. Your top visited site is the Sephora website. #LookAtAllTheMakeupICantAfford. #Hourglass #TomFord #YSL #PengePera

2. You follow a million Instagram makeup shops. Because how else could you have gotten your hands on that damn Naked 3 palette?! Thank you, Instagram gods.

3. You get excited when you hear news of foreign beauty brands coming to the Philippines. Like that time a couple of years ago that Benefit finally landed on Philippine shores? Best. Day. Ever. Hello unlimited supply of Benetint! Or that time you read on that Origins is finally available in SM Makati, which means you don’t need to make pabili your favorite clay mask of all time to your officemate’s mom’s sister-in-law when she goes to Hong Kong!

4. Your favorite places in the world include: Rustan’s, Watsons, Landmark, and The SM Store. And it is impossible to walk out of these places empty-handed. Because of course you need five bottles of different types of shampoo and three shades of pink lipstick for your kit. That’s just how the world works.

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5. You’re obsessed with Youtube beauty gurus. And you can spend all day watching their Get Ready With Me videos, Skincare Routine videos, Date Night look videos, and everything else. In fact, when you’ve gotten so used to playing their videos while you get ready to go out because they give you #inspiration. 

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6. There is that sadness that most of the high end brands in the country cost double of how much they are abroad.

7. You get super excited every time you find out that your favorite brand will release limited edition collections, only to have your heart broken because they won’t be available here. Nooooo.

8. You get *kind of* excited when it rains, because the weather gets a little cooler, meaning you can wear liquid foundation without worrying about sweating it out. #winning.

9. Saturdays spent at the nail salon with your girlfriends are sacred. And required. And non-negotiable. How else would you make chismis about life?

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10. Whenever you go for a trip abroad, you HAVE to get your treatments done before you leave. Haircut, mani and pedi, threading, and waxing—no way will you pay double or triple the amount for beauty treatments abroad. Pinays definitely know their shit when it comes to beauty, yo.

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