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10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Makeup-Obsessed Girl

I love you, but I love Tom Ford, too.

1. First of all, her love for all things makeup and skincare doesn’t automatically make her high-maintenance. Because honestly, being labeled as high maintenance isn’t limited to just liking expensive things—being “high maintenance” can also mean being needy and clingy. Watch your words.

2. She’s usually punctual. Because she’s used to exerting extra effort to waking up a little earlier than usual to do her face. Date at 7 p.m.? Preparations start at 5:30!

3. Stops at makeup counters and shops are pretty much inevitable at the mall. She’s not going to buy three tubes of lipstick every time—she just likes being updated with the latest releases and trends. Plus, you will never understand the satisfaction of swatching testers on the back of your hand. Lol.

4. Don’t bring her flowers for special occasions—bring her makeup instead. Dude, honestly, a dozen roses cost almost the same amount as a tube of high-end lipstick or a killer eye shadow palette. Flowers wilt in a couple of days. Makeup expires after several months or years. Take your pick.

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5. You will probably fall victim to her kikay ways. Like, you will eventually realize that you enjoy your couple trips to the nail spa and facial centers. At one point, she will also try to convince you to let her pluck your unibrow. Hehe.

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6. You will get a crash course in color. Being with a beauty-obsessed girl will open your eyes to the hundred different shades of reds, pinks, and berries. You will learn about warm and cool tones, blue-reds, yellow-reds, true-reds, and more. They didn’t teach you this in grade school art class, man.

7. You might get a little frustrated about her lipstick obsession. Because you will try your hardest to figure out how you can kiss her without upsetting her for ruining her perfectly-lined and filled-in lips. “I love you, but I love my Tom Ford, too,” is something that you might actually hear from her.

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8. On that note however, it’s better that you ruin her lipstick than her mascara. NEVER. MAKE. HER. CRY.

9. Never ever tell her that you like her more when she doesn’t wear makeup. She doesn’t wear makeup to please you or anyone else. Makeup makes her feel good. She doesn’t need your approval. If you can’t deal with it, then you’re more than welcome to hit the road. BYE, FELICIA.

10. Finally, never try to use her makeup-obsession against her. Walang basagan ng trip. No one ever tells you shit about your video game obsession, noh. Or your addiction to cars. Let her be. We can all live in peace while you finish your nth NBA game on your Playstation will she silently buffs away her new foundation. All is well.

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