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This Woman Put On 100 Layers Of Foundation, And We're Not Sure Why

We hope her pores are okay.
PHOTO: YouTube/Jeely

There are always crazy makeup challenges on the internet. From doing a full face of makeup using only highlighters or lipsticks, there’s usually something ~*weird*~ going on.

Say for example, this video of Swedish beauty blogger Jeely, who decided it would be a great idea to wear 100 layers of foundation. (Right???) She explained she was inspired by another video she did, wherein she applied the same number of layers of mascara on her lashes. (Uhhh, yeah.)

She used full-coverage foundation and applied each layer using a Beautyblender. After she hit 100, she took off all of the foundationand it wasn’t pretty. Watch the mesmerizing and slightly terrifying video below:

We sincerely hope your pores are okay, girl!

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