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What 100 Layers Of Liquid Lipstick Look Like, In Case You Were Wondering

PHOTO: YouTube/mayratouchofglam

Ever wondered what a hundred layers of liquid lipstick would look like? No? Yes?

In any case, YouTube beauty blogger Mayra shot this video of her applying layer after layer of liquid lipstick using 50 different shades. Ridiculous, right? She began the process by prepping her lips with Vaseline and lip liner. By the fourth layer, she exclaimed that her lips feel drier than ever—yet still kept on going. This girl deserves an award.

When she swiped on the final layer of lipstick, it was already 12:56 in the morning—meaning it took her EIGHT HOURS to finish the process! (She started at 4:17 in the afternoon.) And when it was time to remove the layers, she literally scraped off the products from her lips. Gross yet satisfying, tbh. Watch the crazy video below:

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