11 Nail Shades of Summer

Ready, set, paint!

It's no secret that we at the Cosmo HQ are OBSESSED with manicures—and we know you share our nail craze, too. Now that summer's almost here, ditch the dark nail shades, and opt for lighter, more color-crazy hues. The brighter, the better.

Here are a couple of tips to nail your mani:

1. Base coat is your bestfriend.

We know, we know. It's so time consuming to apply it, but a base coat gives your polish something to adhere to—making the color stay longer on your nails. Don't forget about the top coat, too—it's the secret to chip-free nails.

2. Apply polish sparingly.

It's all about layering coats (about two will do), not applying one thick blob.

3.  Neon nail shades are cool...

...but they tend to be a little light when you apply just one coat. To make your nail color really pop, apply white polish first. 

4.  Store your nail polish in your refrigerator.

Trust us, the color will last longer! 

5. Take care of your cuticles.

Dry cuticles are a dead giveaway that you haven't visited your manicurista for ages, so swipe on cuticle oil regularly to get that fresh-from-the-nail-salon look every single time. 

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