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13 Struggles Of Girls Who Don't Understand Makeup

How do you KNOW that shade is for you ba?

1. Seeing people do contouring—especially on Instagram—kind of freaks you out. How does a hot mess with stripes of brown cream on her face turn into Kim Kardashian? How?

2. Whenever you attempt to buy foundation, you end up walking out empty-handed because How. The. Hell. Do. You. Pick. One. Ang mahal ng foundation, okay? And it’s a pretty big commitment to spend THAT much money on one product that you’re not even sure will work for you. How do you KNOW if it’s the right one anyway? Do you even need foundation?

3. You see lash curlers as torture devices. Your makeup-obsessed best friend swears using one makes ALL the difference, but how would you know if you don’t even understand how to use it without hurting yourself? Medyo scary. I mean, that’s the eye! And mascara! It looks so scary!

4. Getting your makeup done by pros is one of the scariest and best experiences ever. Okay, it’s pretty nerve-racking to sit there and entrust your WHOLE FACE to one person, but when you see the results, you can’t help but feel AHMAAAAYZING. Who knew you, too, could get brows #OnFleek? You may not know how to do this yourself, but at least you can occasionally pay someone to do it for you.

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5. …but you’re too lazy to remove it afterwards. Uhhhhh how does one take off false lashes? And waterproof eyeliner?  

6. The one time you decided to wear eyeliner to work is the one day you decide to rub your eyes. And everything went downhill from that.

7. Lipstick is your favorite makeup. Because it’s foolproof! No one can mess up lipstick—even you. You may not know much about brows and eye shadow, but you’re a pro at applying your favorite pinky-nude lippies!

8. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze. Well, getting ready in general is. You stop after sunblock. When you get ready with friends, you’re that one friend who ends up just mindlessly going through Instagram because everyone else is taking forever.

9. You don’t understand how makeup is so expensive. Lipstick for a thousand pesos? And that’s just one color, which you don’t even get to use up completely. People actually pay for that?

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10. You want to be more adventurous with your lipstick choices, but you have no idea how that works. You’d love to find your signature red lipstick, but makeup counters that have a million shades of red just make it seem so hard.

11. Your friends always try to educate you on the fundamentals of beauty. “Use kasi concealer for your eye bags so you won’t look so tired!” Okay, got it. But what is concealer?

12. In the rare occasion that your friends DO ask you what you think about their makeup, you never know what to answer. Because there was that one time you asked Anna if she was really supposed to have flesh-colored inverted triangles under her eyes and she didn’t talk to you for a month. It was an honest question, naman.

13. You don’t hate makeup, it’s just that you don’t understand how it works yet. You’re interested, that’s for sure. It’s a #lifeskill that does come in handy once in a while, after all. You still enjoy seeing people do their makeup and you, too, enjoy getting your makeup done by someone who knows her stuff. One day, you will pick up that lash curler and you will be okay. <3

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