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13 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Beauty Junkie

We really like our lipstick collection, so never tell us that we have enough.

1. We take a million years in the bathroom.
Makeup is art. Perfecting the cat eye is very, very hard. Putting on three different layers of eye makeup for date night is really complicated! If you ask us out on a date, we want to make sure we look good and presentable. So don't roll your eyes at us when it takes us two hours to get ready. 

2. So since we put up the extra effort, please tell us we look nice.
Even if you're not completely sure what we did differently this time, just tell us we look great.

3. Sure, we like makeup, but that doesn't make us malandi.
Or high maintenance. We love getting ready for weddings or date nights, because it allows us to experiment with our eyeshadow palette! And our new eyeliner! But if you show up to surprise us on a Saturday morning, and we're wearing sweats and joggers and have no makeup on, that's arryt, too. Because our skin is flawless AF (most days).


4. We still do get random zits, though.
So don't stare when we get that giant pimple once a month, because we are extra conscious!

5. We like getting facials once (or twice) a month.
Our visits to the dermatologist are golden. They are special days. Do not schedule a date then, because you will get rejected.

6. Don't schedule a date after we see our dermatologist, either.
Because we will not look pretty. And we need at least 24 hours to recuperate. We have no issues with being seen without makeup on, but we're not really comfortable facing you
 with a million red spots on our faces.

7. We are pros at doing makeup inside moving vehicles.
Do not freak out if we start using our eyelash curler in transit. We will not poke our eyes.

8. Half of our sweldo goes to buying new beauty products.
Like lipstick. Or a beauty blender. Or a battery-operated cleansing brush. Don't ever tell us, "Didn't you just buy a tube of red lipstick last week?" A beauty girl can never have enough red lippies. We don't complain about your Star Wars action figures, or your new Lego set, or how much you spend on your car, so don't complain about how often we buy our beauty products.

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9. If you really want to make our day, don't surprise us with flowers or chocolates.
Yeah, those are cool and all. But next time we randomly blurt out, "MAC's 
Russian Red is my favorite lipstick of all time!" Remember that, and then buy it for us. We will love you forever and ever! Heehee! <3

10. We use a lip scrub regularly.
So we have really nice and soft puckers, JSYK. Translation: Making out with us is seriously the best. 

11. We might get a new hair color every other month.
Beauty girls really like experimenting with color. Sometimes, it's ombre (Google it). Sometimes, we'll get our ends dyed pink or blue or orange or all the colors of the rainbow. Do not freak out.

12. Our Internet history is full of beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials.
Makeup porn is the best kind of porn!

13. We have a scheduled beauty day at least once a month.
They fall on weekends. These are the days when we have our kilay threaded, our legs waxed, our hair cut and colored, and our nails polished. If you want to date us, you have to be prepared to come—and try beauty things with us. Like a pedicure. Or a spa session. And you will like it!


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