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15 Beauty Fads From Our Childhood


Were you a child of the '80s and early to mid-90s? See if you remember these beauty fads.

1. Kisses

We kept those fragrance beads in our pencil cases to make them smell good, and even believed that they would multiply overnight.

2. Baby cologne

Because our mom’s perfumes were too strong for us, we settled for a splash of Nenuco and Johnson’s Baby Cologne, especially after P.E. class.


3. Pinching cheeks

We weren’t allowed to wear makeup yet, so our kikay classmate taught us to pinch our cheeks to give them a natural flush.

4. Tongue painters

Our kiddie version of lipstick, lollipops stained our tongue and lips with a burst of color. Red was a classic favorite, but that didn’t stop the other kids from buying other colors like green and blue and black!

5. Lip Smackers

Tweens who were allowed to finally experiment with makeup usually started with Lipsmackers by Bonne Belle. What flavor was your favorite?

6. Baby powder

Those who weren’t allowed to purchase face powder and foundation yet had to settle for baby powder to get rid of the shine on the face. Some girls even used a refillable compact with mirror to store the powder.

7. Caboodles

They were expensive, but we begged our moms to buy these colorful cosmetics cases for us. We stored our pencils, erasers, stickers, and mommy-approved makeup in them.

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8. Scrunchies

How else could we have pulled off those extra high ponytails? Scrunchies came in all sorts of prints and colors, and we often matched them with our neon '80s outfits.

9. Crimped hair

Burning sections of our hair into a zigzag mess was all the rage in the Molly Ringwald era.

10. Glitter

We placed glitter hair gel not just on our Barbie dolls, but on our own mane as well. And like the teen stars we looked up to, we applied body glitter on our arms and décolletage.

11. Hair mascara

Colored mascara for the hair? Of course! '90s kids went crazy for temporary streaks of blue or pink on their mane.

12. Butterfly clips

From hair clamps to actual butterfly items decorating our hair accessories, butterfly clips were all the rage in the mid-90s.

13. Hair bobbles

In the '80s, your braids and pigtails weren’t complete without a pair of plastic balls wrapped around them.


14. Kool-Aid

Sales of Kool-Aid skyrocketed when kids and teens discovered they could use it to dye hair. It became a staple ritual in sleepovers. Just imagine what they did to your intestines. But we didn’t care, because drinking the Kool-Aid meant that we’d get tinted red lips as well.

15. Blotting paper

Our tweenhood was when we started getting conscious of the shine on our faces, so we went gaga for oil control films and blotting paper. Remember the ones with built-in powder?

What beauty fads do you remember from your childhood, CGs?

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