One-Minute Beauty Hacks For Busy Girls

Or if you are too lazy to care.
PHOTO: Stuart McKenzie

These super-easy tips will have you looking sparkly, and feeling festive and party-ready in literally no time. 

1. For a super-simple smoky eye that takes two seconds?, close your eye and run a pointed shadow brush with shimmer shadow over both your top and bottom lash lines simultaneously. Open your eye and lightly blend the edges with the brush. 

2. Use an illuminator as an eye shadow and as a highlighter for your cheekbones. Shimmery shadow can also work well as a highlighter if you don't own actual highlighter. It instantly gives you a beautiful glow.

3. Mess up your mascara on purpose. Quickly apply your mascara to smudge a little along your lash line. Instead of removing the excess formula, use it to your advantage by gently blending it in with your finger for a simple, subtle, smoky effect.

4. Add glitter liner on top of your normal eyeliner to make your everyday look a little more festive.

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5. To make your eyes appear more open?, swipe some powder blush across your eyelids and brow bones. (Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks too.) 

6. To create a speedy smoky eye, dip your finger in a cream eye shadow and wipe it across your eyelid and right under your bottom lashes. A creamy eye shadow is the perfect solution for the girl who has no idea how to apply a smoky eye. Simply swipe it over your eyelid, blend it in with your finger, and you're set.


7. Tight-line your eyeliner to make your eyelashes appear fuller without looking like you're wearing a lot of makeup. Using your eyeliner of choice, look slightly upward and draw the liner in between your lashes rather than on top of your lash line. This will make the roots of your lashes appear naturally fuller. 

8. Use the same eye shadow as brow powder, eye shadow, and eyeliner. No need to splurge on a bunch of eye products. Just use different brushes, and different techniques to achieve the same effect. Use an angled brush and light strokes to define your brows, and then use the same shadow and a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the shade into the crease and outside corner of your eye. Finish by dipping a damp liner brush in the shadow to line your top and bottom lash lines. 

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9. Use any kind of straight edge to easily create a cat-eye with liquid liner. A piece of Scotch tape, the side of a business card, or an eyeliner with a built-in stencil are genius tools for creating the perfect flick on the first try. Just angle the edge under your lower lash line and then trace the liner on top. 

10. Use bronzer to warm your cheekbones, and put it on your eyelids for a terra-cotta look. You might not think to use bronzer in the winter, but the holidays are a great opportunity to get some extra use out of your matte bronze formula by using it as eye shadow too.

11. Skip eye makeup altogether and swipe on a bold lip color instead. You'll be amazed at how this simple trick will instantly make you look like you actually put makeup on the rest of your face (even though you didn't). 

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12. Apply a deep lip color on the outside corners of your lips and a lighter, brighter shade in the centre to make your lips appear bigger. Blend the two shades together with your finger so the colours seamlessly fade into each other. It's the perfect holiday lip look.

13. Make your lipstick double as blush by swiping it along your cheekbones and blending it in with your fingertips. 

14. Easily determine where exactly you should highlight and contour by holding a phone light right above your face. The shadow below your cheekbone is where you should align your brush and use a contouring product. The highlighted area on top of your cheekbone and around your brow bone is where you should blend your highlighting or illuminating product. 

15. Use a cotton swab as a tool for applying glitter nail polish. Glitter polish can be tricky to paint on with the given bottle brush, which oftentimes swipes the glitter fleck away instead of keeping them in place. To load up on glitter, use a cotton swab to dab the exact amount of glitter right where you want it. 

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