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19 Amazing Things You Can Do With Clear Nail Polish

Why didn't we know these before?!

1. Keep your remote control numbers fade-proof

Swipe a coat over those numbers so they don't fade over time from your greasy fingers whenever you eat while watching TV.

2. Seal envelopes

This is one of the best ways to secure an envelope. No amount of steam could make it budge. You can also waterproof address labels with nail polish.

3. Thread a needle

Dabbing nail polish on the cut-end of thread saves you time and effort when pulling it through a needle. 

4. Stop runs on your stockings

You can permanently stop runs and prolong the life of your stockings by simply applying polish to the end of the run and letting it dry.

5. Secure buttons

Applying a thin layer of polish to the buttons on your shirt prevents the thread from coming loose.

6. Prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing

A thin film of clear polish will keep your jewelry looking bright and glossy.

7. Use as an adhesive altenative

Nail polish is a simple sealant or varnish for small objects, plus, it can act as glue!

8. Prevent splinter injuries

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Paint over splinter-prone areas of your hangers to prevent injuring your fingers and snagging your clothes. 

9. Shine your belt buckle

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Coat clear nail polish over your newly shined belt buckles to prevent the metal from becoming cloudy.

10. Stop frayed fabric from unraveling

Keep the fabric from falling apart with a swipe of polish.

11. Seal shoes from scuffs

Diminish the damage on your shoes by painting clear nail polish over the toes and on the outside of the back seam. Rub it a little to lessen the shine, making it less noticeable.

12. Eliminate rust stains in your bathroom

Simply coat the bottom of metal cans (shaving cream, deodorant, hairspray, etc.) to prevent them from rusting and leaving those pesky red stains behind.

13. Smoothing splintered furniture

It's not just for hangers! Coat splintered furniture with polish to smoothen them out.

14. Fix window screens

You can mend small holes on your window screens using nail polish.

15. Fix torn-out pages of a book.

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Use nail polish to paste back ripped pages of a book, instead of using tape.

16. Tighten loose screws

Keep loose screws in place by brushing polish on the screw threads.

17. Keep laces, rope, and ribbon from unraveling

Cover the tips of your shoe laces, ropes, and ribbons with nail polish to prevent the tips from fraying.

18. Touch up chipped glass

Cover up the chipped glass surface with nail polish to make it smoother, preventing unwanted cuts and other accidents.

19. Give yourself a sun tattoo

Draw on yourself using nail polish before getting a tan and remove the polish when you're done. Viola, a sun tattoo!