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20 Things Every Lipstick-Obsessed Girl Can Relate To


1. Whenever you go to the makeup store, you always find yourself spending the longest time at the lipstick section. You don’t really need another tube of lipstick, but you just WANT a new one. And then after what seems like forever, you walk out of the store with at least one new lipstick and your hand looking like this:


2. Your heart skips a beat whenever you find out that a makeup brand will be releasing a new shade or formula. And you know in your heart that you HAVE. TO. GET. THEM. (Even if it’s like four thousand bucks. Louboutin, what’s good?!)

3. Your kikay kit weighs a ton because half of the weight consists of your 10 tubes of lipstick you just have to bring with you every day, no matter where you’re going. You know about the ~*rule*~ of having the four basic lipstick shades but hey, who said those rules can't be broken, anyway? 

4. You change lip colors depending on your mood. Hot pink is for when you’re feeling fun and flirty, sexy red when you’re on a night out with friends, and a sensible pink nude for a normal day at the office.

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5. You’re in the lipstick section of stores so much that you don’t even have to look at the bottom of the tubes to check the names of the shades. It’s a talent, really.

6. You’ve mastered all the ways to apply the different types of lipsticks—from the tube, with a brush, with a doe foot applicator, with your fingers—EVERYTHING. Bring it on!

7. Every time you look at your lipstick collection that is carefully arranged—alphabetically, by finish, and by brand, of course—on your vanity, you can’t help but feel calm and satisfied.

8. You don’t even want to think how much you’ve spent on lipsticks in total. Ballin'


9. When you go out drinking with friends, you don’t even need a wine glass marker. Because your lipstick mark on the rim is enough to announce to everyone that it is YOUR cup. Talk about marking your territory! (Same rule may or may not apply on your man.)

10. During your weekly clean-ups of your bags, you’re sure to find at least five random lipsticks that you don’t even remember wearing throughout the week.

11.  You’re so well-versed with lipstick language. “Girl, that pink-red isn’t working for you talaga. Blue-reds will make your teeth whiter. Do you want it in satin, sheer, or matte?” is something you've said.

12. One of the saddest moments of your life was when you lost a tube of lipstick. And even though you probably have three shades similar to it, it’s. Just. So. Heartbreaking.

13. When you travel, you bring home lipsticks instead of tacky ref magnets. #TrueStory


14. You’ve mastered the art of making your lipstick stay on all day long that you don’t even bring a touch-up kit anymore. Wow, matapang!

15. Mixing lipsticks and creating new shades is one of your favorite past times. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to save money. Lol.

16. When you meet someone for the first time, you instantly notice their lipstick. And then you try your best not to sound too eager by asking them what shade they’re wearing.

17. You have this love-hate relationship with lip gloss. While it does add some dimension and shine to your puckers, your hair sticks to it when you're trying to flip your hair. Gusto mo maging sexy, pero hindi talaga ma-achieve.

18. Your boyfriend is so used to your lipstick obsession that he’s polite enough to ask you first if it’s okay with you if he can take it off with his kisses. Some days you say, “Of course you can, it’s just lip tint!” while on other days, “Honey no, this is Tom Ford. You don’t just do that to Tom Ford.”


19. Sometimes, you look at a person and you just KNOW what shade she’s wearing. And you’re right 95% of the time. (The other 5%, you learn about dupes.)

20. On bad days, you know very well that the easiest way to uplift your mood is by swiping on a coat or two of your go-to pick-me-up color. You go, girl. #LongLiveLippies


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